XXIII IFATCC International Congress, 2013, Budapest - Hungary
Sunday, 17 November 2019


to the 23rd IFATCC Congress

Budapest, 8 - 10 May 2013


It is our greatest pleasure to announce the 23rd Congress of the International Federation of Associations of Textile Chemists and Colourists / IFATCC/.

After 30 years the IFATCC Congress returns to Hungary.

We are extremely honoured that after so many internationally highly recognized excellent  predecessors (London, England/1984; Tampere, Finland/1987; Luzern, Switzerland/1990 ; Maastricht, Nederland/1993; Vienna, Austria/1996; Copenhagen, Denmark/1999; Paris, France /2002; Weimar, Germany/2005; Barcelona, Spain/2008; Stresa, Italy/2010) the 23rd IFATCC Congress will be held in Budapest, in  our beautiful capital.

Budapest is situated on the two banks of the Danube. Hilly Buda is located along the right bank; with hot springs breaking through limestone mountains supplying water of 35-76 degrees. Flat Pest is located along the left bank. Budapest was born by the fusion of three towns, Buda, Óbuda and Pest. (Back in 106 AD, the Romans established on the North-Eastern borders of the Pannonia province the city of Aquincum, whose ruins can now be found in Óbuda). Budapest had 1.733.685 inhabitants in 2011. The Budapest Commuter Area is home to 3.284.110 people. Nowadays Budapest  is considered   one of the three most important economic, cultural and touristic cities of Central Europe.

The Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science (TMTE) was established in 1948.  (TMTE is the Hungarian abbreviation) The organisation actively cooperates with approximately 100 companies and more than 500 experts even at present days, in spite of the difficult situation in the European as well as in the Hungarian textile industry.

The Hungarian Society was an ordinary member of the preceding International Society before the Second World War. It became again full member of the IFATCC at the 9th Congress in Paris in 1969. The 12th Congress in 1981 could already be organized in Budapest. It is probably worth mentioning that it was the first Congress at which Posters could be presented.

The fact that the Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science -  after the first occasion in 1981 - has been invited again to organize the Congress of the Federation is highly appreciated by us.

Textile chemists and colourists play an important role in the production of comfortable and fashionable textiles. Chemical industrial unit processes and operations including those in the textile industry may generate hazards to the environment as well as to the consumers.

Products (e.g. textiles) built up by chemical elements and finally degraded into them represent a cycle of which all steps should be studied to judge their hazard to the environment and to the consumers.

The central topic of our congress will be the development of the textile chemical processes and operations in the direction of environmentally and consumer friendly (green) technologies. Oral presentations and posters are expected from all the branches (equipment, preparation, dyeing-printing, finishing) concerning textile chemistry and technologies.

IFATCC has always been committed to publish the recent results of Research and Development.

Following this tradition members of IFATCC are kindly requested to consider the formulated guidelines while preparing oral presentations and posters respectively.

The Call for Papers will be announced in middle of May 2012.

We hope to provide you with an interesting program and organize a congress that will stimulate the exchange and collaboration between the representatives of different textile branches and sciences.

We hope you will visit us; we are looking forward to your attendance, active participation and contributions.


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Ágota Orbán András Víg